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Mister Hyde, I presume?

Mister Hyde, I presume? published on 2 Comments on Mister Hyde, I presume?

Woah, momma.


So here we have it, the history of Doc Monster! I know there have been several folk guessing what was behind Doc’s appearance and his supernatural strength, and now you have an explanation. Of course, Carson Clay seems to have some objection to the tale. What do you think? And how do you think Clay will feel working with Hyde next time?

What a fun way to end up 2015. Thanks to all of you for reading and for your support!


Best wishes,


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Artist and author, Dave Flora, brings “Doc Monster”-a 1950’s, sci-fi webcomic – back to life on his own website, “Dave Flora Presents!”

June 6th, 2015: The pulp-fueled, science hero Doc Monster returns to the web today. What started out as a finalist in DC’s ZUDA Comics 2009 competition has been resurrected have a 5 year hiatus by it’s creator, Dave Flora. Doc Monster is a tribute to the fantastic, science fiction movies of the 50’s and 60’s, bringing exciting special effects, interesting characters and compelling mysteries. Originally serialized online, Dave Flora is re-launching the serial today with the first 40 panels of the adventure comic available to view, and a new panel each week.

“I’d taken time off from comics to write two novels about my Ghost Zero character,” Dave said, “but my heart is really into comics…it really is a great, cinematic medium to tell a great story. Doc Monster and Carson Clay are such fun characters to write and draw, I hated that their first story, Shadow of the Skies, wasn’t continuing.”

The webcomic is drawn in a single-panel style that was popular in the newspaper, adventure strips like Rip Kirby and Steve Canyon, but with a moody, saturated color palette.



“It’s my intent to finish the Shadow of the Skies story and to print it in a hard-back edition.” Dave continued. “Unfortunately, I’m not sure how many panels that will take. I have the main story ‘beats’ in mind, but I just create as many panels as it takes to get the characters from one point to another.” Each panel is so lavishly illustrated that it takes a week to complete it, which amounts to only 4 updates a month. “It’ll probably take over a year to finish”, Dave said, “but it really is a labor of love.”

Dave has created a Patreon page that will allow subscribers “back stage” access to the comic creation process, including bonus sketches, in-process shots, art give-aways, and perhaps even Livestream events where subscribers can watch him work in real time.

“This is such an exciting opportunity, to take people along with me on this journey.” Dave said. “I hope people are as excited as I am to ride shotgun with Doc Monster!”



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